The easiest way to be GDPR compliant. Ever.

We help companies with day-to-day data privacy compliance.
Simple and cost-effective.

  • An end-to-end GDPR compliance support.
  • We become your Data Protection Officer.
  • Free up more time to grow your business.
Our Clients
The GDPR Challenges

Lawyers and GDPR consultants charge a lot. Maintaining proper GDPR complianсe is expensive.


It takes a lot of time and is a distraction from the core business.

I need a DPO

You need to have someone accountable for your data protection.

What makes us special
A combination of personal service and powerful software.

Years of experience of our experts were transformed by our engineers into the comprehensive privacy compliance management platform. It totally frees you up from time-consuming routine tasks.

WeControl intuitive and highly automated software enables you to collaborate with our experts and achieve the maximum level of compliance.

WeControl Benefits
Data privacy is a matter of trust!


Our automated software and trained professionals minimize the need for costly consulting.


Established processes, standards and procedures help you quickly and efficiently become and stay compliant in the long run.


We will guide you step-by-step through the whole process of GDPR compliance implementation.

Reliable contact

WeControl is your point of contact for all GDPR-related issues.

Tailor-made expertise

Dozens of years of data protection, InfoSec, IT & legal compliance expertise is at your service.

Automated convenience

Our web platform digitizes and automates GDPR requirements compliance workflow.

With WeControl GDPR as a Service you get:
  • GDPR Management Dashboard
  • Data Privacy staff training and awareness
  • The officially assigned Data Protection Officer
  • Data protection webinar for executives
  • Standardized Privacy Policy & Data Processing Agreements
  • Tailored GDPR related documents
  • GDPR compliance audit of your company
  • GDPR Compliance Seal
  • Privacy Newsletter
  • Email notifications
WeControl GDPR Compliance as a Service is powered by a feature-rich platform that covers all aspects of GDPR implementation and gives you the controls over your compliance management.
  • • Online Training for Employees and Executives
  • • Multi-user Collaboration
  • • Intuitive Questionnaires
  • • Compliance Roadmap & Tasks Management
  • • Dashboard with KPIs, KRIs and Charts
  • • Records of Processing Activities
  • • Data Flow Visualization
  • • Data Processing Impact Assessment
  • • Automatic Vendor Discovery
  • • 3rd Party Due Diligence & Compliance
  • • Data Processing Agreements Library (+ eSign)
  • • Subject Access Requests Management
  • • Incidents management
  • • Advise, oversight and supervising authority relationship

We engage with clients of all sizes across the entire profit and non-profit spectrum. Platform services include consulting, managed services, training and outsourcing.

WeControl - simple and transparent GDPR compliance.