GDPR Compliance Controls. Simplified.

Internal Compliance
3rd Party Compliance
Collaborate & Visualize
GDPR is a journey, not a destination.
WeControl is a comprehensive platform that makes your journey smooth and simple. We guide you carefully through various GDPR disciplines to help you make your compliance activities controlled and demonstrable.
  • Manage internal & 3rd party GDPR compliance
  • Manage data subject access requests
  • Collaborate and track the progress of your compliance
  • Hire Data Protection Representative to be the point of contact for your customers (for non-EU companies)
  • Get help from GDPR consultants and legal advisors
  • Get certified with GDPR Academy
How To Manage Your Compliance

Single Dashboard

A list of simple tasks and a comprehensive compliance roadmap that guide you through the whole process with a seamless toolset at your fingertips - everything you need in a single dashboard to make GDPR compliance management simple and less time-consuming.


Easily collaborate with your team members, consultants or clients. Connect multiple users to your corporate account and to any of your subsidiaries. Reassign tasks, leave comments, attach documents, sign Data Processing Agreements, etc.

Staff training

We provide you dozens of training courses to keep all your staff up-to-date. Just invite your employees and track their progress - spend time on your business rather than training your staff.

3rd party compliance management

Easily manage your 3rd party vendors with our website scanning tool, Data Processor discovery, vendor selection due diligence and each vendors’ key legal information - this will save you loads of hours.

Data Processing Agreements (DPA) eSign & Management

Sign DPAs with your 3rd party vendors in a matter of minutes! Just choose the vendor you want to sign an agreement with, pick one of our templates, click send and you’re done.

Advanced Compliance Tools

Our GDPR management platform gives you easy to use tools to create and manage Records of Processing Activities (ROPA) for each vendor. You can then create responsive Data Flow Visualizations so you always know where your data comes in and goes out.

Data Protection Impact Assessment

Whether you do standard processing, automated profiling or processing special categories of data we are here to guide you step by step through managing all of your Data Protection Impact Assessments (DPIA) with valuable advice on how to safeguard your business and your users.

GDPR-related Risk Management Platform

Receive all your data subject access requests through a customised feedback form, manage your requests, assign them to your teammates, get notifications and reminders, and track their status. Report your incidents to the appropriate Supervisory Authority, with our templates, reminders and tips.

For Data Protection Officer

WeControl + DPO =

WeControl is an end-to-end GDPR management platform. One of the main goals is to reduce and automate your day-to-day routine.

  • Reduce your time required for your DPO work;
  • Easily collaborate with your team;
  • Simplify management of your vendors, subject access requests and record keeping;
  • Increase GDPR awareness in your company;
  • Track your progress and manage risks.

For Legal Advisors

WeControl + Legal Advisors =

The WeControl platform was specifically built with legal advisors and GDPR consultants in mind so that they can truly benefit from WeControl comprehensive functionality.

  • Serve more clients at the same time
  • Retain your clients longer
  • Collaborate & offer a better service
  • Lower your time & costs to operate
  • Let your clients perform their compliance tasks

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