Compliance Management Software Research 1.0

Compliance can be a tough task. GDPR Compliance (or any other privacy law compliance) can be even more tricky than it seems to be at a glance.

That's why a lot of data privacy professionals both in-house and external are looking for some software solutions that can significantly spare their time and let them do their best in their compliance work (the main reason why we exist).

So we've decided to find out what software do they use, what kind of task they are looking to resolve with it and some other interesting information. We've reached about two hundreds of data privacy professionals all over the world (spoiler: mainly from EU) and asked them to pass a survey (The Compliance Management Software Research). 

Unfortunately, we've promised that only those who specify their email address during the survey will receive the full report with aggregated data, such as the most popular tools, most popular tasks in different segments of companies and so on. 

However, here are several very broad key findings which we got (and which we can share):

  1. Most of the respondents are not affiliated with the software they use. 

  2. In more than half of the cases, the privacy compliance professional was the initiator of the purchase of some compliance management software.

  3. Among those privacy compliance professionals that were the initiator of the purchase most are affiliated with the software they use. 

  4. Most of the respondents work in-house. 

  5. More than half of respondents do not use any specific tool or software at all and these respondents are the least satisfied with their toolset. 

  6. Among those who do not use any specific tool or software in most cases, their employer was the initiator of not using any tool. 

We are happy to announce that we will conduct The Compliance Management Software Research 2.0

If you want to get the full results of this research go through the link, pass the survey and you'll get tons of insights about compliance software usage among data privacy professionals.