Business Software GDPR Compliance Rating

Earlier in our blog, we've mentioned Data Processing Agreement and briefly spoke about why it’s important. Today, we bring you a fresh portion of GDPR compliance details. Before we go any further, let us remind this. 

Data processing agreement: do you really need it?

Any GDPR Compliant business software company acting as a data controller must have Data Processing Agreements across all its network of data processors. The document seals the agreement of the collaborating parties on ways they both treat personal data. 

It all boils down to this. Imagine that as a business that creates GDPR compliant software (or at least, the one that is in transition to produce GDPR Compliant business software) you have your own product e.g. cloud CRM. 

As a B2B offering, your system stores the data of other companies (your clients) and then the data of companies that work with your clients. Therefore, GDPR compliant software provider you need to have a proper Data Processing Agreement and a clearly defined process how your clients shall agree to its terms and conditions. 

To upgrade existing systems and keep the contracts aligned with changes in data protection regulation, any GDPR Compliant business software company shall perform the internal check to discover if all the DPAs are in place. 

DPA’s table of contents in summary

After a careful gap analysis, any business owner might discover such a DPA missing with some of its partners. This is the call to action and the reason to get one.  But you’re probably wondering why you need DPA? Let us dot the i-s here for you: 

  • Which categories of data subjects (natural people) are dealt with; 

  • What types of personal data are being processed;

  • The purpose of processing this data;

  • The duration this data can be processed and stored;

  • Guarantees of sufficient level of data protection;

  • Cases if / when data processor passes on (transfers) the personal data it has to third-parties. This clause makes more sense if the processor has partners (data sub-processors) in states that are beyond GDPR secure countries list; 

  • Certain actions to be taken by data processor in case of Personal Data Breach;

Detailed step-by-step action plan with regard to Subject Access Requests as well as alerting of data controller if such a request takes place. 

To top it off, GDPR compliant software company might also consider such bullet points as periodic compliance audits.

How to deal with GDPR Compliant business software dilemma?

Nowadays, any kind of business has tons of corporate tools at hand. Those are supposed to ease up daily life of the staff and managers alike. However, when it comes to regulations, having any kind of tools might not be enough. 

For instance, you plan to scale your business and that’s why you’re marketing manager is on the look of programmatic ads guru. While there is myriad of digital advertising agencies, how do you know if they are going to take care of GDPR compliance?

Then, if you’re transitioning from functional to project-based business structure or tryin to implement the matrix one, the chances you’d need a reliable project management software as a part ERP suite of tools are quite high.

Finally, if you’re an online merchant, it’s essential to join the forces with a trusted ecommerce provider to spread a word about your business while using GDPR Compliant business software.

These are just a few examples of the situations when you’d have to choose a data processor and if you want to stay out of trouble while spreading your wings and serving EU clients, you should consider consulting our list. 

gdpr security data processor due diligence

Can you imagine how much it would take an average business to double-check if the tools they use are GDPR compliant software or not? Your data processor due diligence might take forever if you decide to conduct the research and screening on your own.

From our side, we strive to equip business owners and channel the quality offerings down the value chain. That’s why we continue working on tools that would allow business to create DPAs in a blink of an eye. To aggregate tons of information about different companies including GDPR compliant business software providers is not an easy task. However, we’re committed to delivering the most comprehensive list of reliable vendors to pair up with.

Our rating includes those companies that were carefully assessed with regards to GDPR compliant software aspects with multiple parameters being taken into account. This way, you can use the rating and decide who’s compliant and who’s still lagging behind. We decided to prepare the list where:

  • only trusted businesses that have all the processes;
  • and mature GDPR practices in place.

If you cannot find your type of service provider in our list, you’re free to add it - we won’t charge a dime: together, we can create a difference. Do you see where we’re going with this? It’s not a simple task to compile such a fully-fledged rating of corporate tools with GDPR Compliant business software among those. But one thing is for sure: it takes hours of careful research and analysis. However, the game is worth the candle: such a reference can save businesses a lot of time and effort in the long run.